Ein weiterer US-Amerikaner sichert sich seinen ersten Dakar-Titel: Neben Ricky Brabec (BIKES) hat sich nun auch Casey Currie in der SSV-Kategorie mit seinem Can-Am einen überlegenen Sieg mit fast 40 Minuten Vorsprung geholt. Nach nur einer Teilnahme in 2019 hat es schon beim zweiten Versuch für den Gesamtsieg gereicht. Damit zeigt Casey Currie aus welchem Holz er geschnitzt ist und es scheint als hätten die Amerikaner endlich die Dakar entdeckt, so dass der Kontinentale-Konkurrenzkampf zwischen Amerika und Europa seine Fortsetzung findet, so wie es Robby Gordon jahrelang publikumswirksam getan hat. Wir freuen uns darauf…Glückwunsch für Casey!

Etappen-Platzierungen / Stage rankings – DAKAR 2020 Casey Currie (USA/Monster Energy Can-Am)

  • 1. Etappe / Stage 1: 2. Platz / 2. place
  • 2. Etappe / Stage 2: 5. Platz / 5. place
  • 3. Etappe / Stage 3: 3. Platz / 3. place
  • 4. Etappe / Stage 4: 7. Platz / 7. place
  • 5. Etappe / Stage 5: 7. Platz / 7. Place
  • 6. Etappe / Stage 6: 7. Platz / 7. place
  • 7. Etappe / Stage 7: 2. Platz / 2. place
  • 8. Etappe / Stage 8: 7. Platz / 7. place
  • 9. Etappe / Stage 9: 3. Platz / 3. place
  • 10. Etappe / Stage 10: 7. Platz / 7. place
  • 11. Etappe / Stage 11: 7. Platz / 7. place
  • 12. Etappe / Stage 12: 12. Platz / 12. place

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Damit OVERALL-Sieg in der Kategorie SSV der DAKAR 2020 für Casey Currie – Glückwunsch!

Pos. Exp. Drive-Team Mark-Model Time Variation Penality
1 405 MONSTER ENERGY CAN-AM 53h 25′ 52“
2 411 SNAG RACING TEAM 54h 05′ 04“ + 00h 39′ 12“
3 400 SOUTH RACING CAN-AM 54h 18′ 28“ + 00h 52′ 36“
4 404 PH-SPORT 54h 38′ 11“ + 01h 12′ 19“
5 410 HIBOR RAID 54h 46′ 30“ + 01h 20′ 38“
6 420 XRAIDS – BUGGYMASTER TEAM 55h 45′ 07“ + 02h 19′ 15“
7 417 # JE PEUX 2020-BBR MERCIER RACING 55h 50′ 15“ + 02h 24′ 23“ 00h 02′ 00“
8 427 SOUTH RACING CAN-AM 56h 23′ 30“ + 02h 57′ 38“ 00h 02′ 00“
9 402 MONSTER ENERGY CAN-AM 59h 09′ 53“ + 05h 44′ 01“
10 433 FN SPEED TEAM 59h 10′ 27“ + 05h 44′ 35“ 00h 20′ 00“


Another American wins his first Dakar title: In addition to Ricky Brabec (BIKES), Casey Currie has now also won a superior victory in the SSV category with his Can-Am with a lead of almost 40 minutes. After only one participation in 2019, the second attempt was enough for the overall victory. Casey Currie shows what wood he is made of and it seems that the Americans have finally discovered the Dakar, so that the continental competition between America and Europe continues, as Robby Gordon has done for years. We look forward to it … Congratulations to Casey!

Before the start of the Dakar 2020

Casey Currie eats, drinks and breathes motor racing and in particular rally-raid. Coming from a family of off-road enthusiasts, he climbed on to his first motorbike when he was five and competed in his first pick-up race at 16. Since then, he has criss-crossed the United States, built all sorts of machines and has become a big fan of the UTV…and the Dakar! His maiden appearance ended in frustration. Clearly over confident compared to the magnitude of the challenge, he had to settle for fourth place, which this gearhead considers a failure. The chemistry between the American and his Spanish co-driver Rafael Tornabell didn’t take with everyday becoming a communication nightmare. The far too many navigation errors led Currie to team up with Dakar regular, South African Sean Berriman, who also happens to live in Las Vegas. The tie-up between the two has been a natural fit. They won in their first outing together on the Morocco Rally. Now all that remains is to finish on the Dakar podium in their new CanAm.

C.C.: “My first Dakar experience was a lot harder than I had anticipated. All the other rallies that I had taken part in before don’t stack up to the Dakar. Everything is more difficult: navigation, the length of the stages and the competition…I came in with way too much confidence. I also had some big issues with my co-driver. We got lost every day. There were problems every day. I finished the Dakar very frustrated and I will leave it at that. Now I feel better prepared. I have worked a lot with Sean Berriman and I have been coached by Ricky Brabec and Andy Short (bikes). The objective is to win. The “finish the Dakar” box is ticked off. Now we have to win and I am coming off the Morocco Rally full of confidence. I know the competition will be tough but this race is won or lost on your own. In any case, I have really fallen in love with the Dakar. I love the event. I love the discipline and the concept. The many challenges are incredible.”


Quelle / Source: ASO, Dakar