Zum dritten Mal holt sich Carlos Sainz seinen Dakar-Sieg in der PKW-Kategorie nach einem echten Herzschlagfinale und verkürzter 12. Etappe. Der Spanier mit dem Spitznamen „El Matador“ schlägt damit seine Konkurrenz, auch wenn Nasser al Attiyah auf seinem Toyota nochmal alles gab und sein Rückstand auf nur knapp 170km um fast vier Minuten verkürzen konnte. Glückwunsch an Carlos Sainsz auf seinem JCW X-Raid Buggy, womit er dem hessischen Team einen fünften Dakar-Sieg beschert!

Etappen-Platzierungen / Stage rankings – DAKAR 2020 Carlos Sainz (ESP/X-Raid Buggy)

  • 1. Etappe / Stage 1: 3. Platz / 3. place
  • 2. Etappe / Stage 2: 6. Platz / 6. place
  • 3. Etappe / Stage 3: 1. Platz / 1. place
  • 4. Etappe / Stage 4: 3. Platz / 3. place
  • 5. Etappe / Stage 5: 1. Platz / 1. Place
  • 6. Etappe / Stage 6: 2. Platz / 2. place
  • 7. Etappe / Stage 7: 1. Platz / 1. place
  • 8. Etappe / Stage 8: 15. Platz / 15. place
  • 9. Etappe / Stage 9: 5. Platz / 5. place
  • 10. Etappe / Stage 10: 1. Platz / 1. place
  • 11. Etappe / Stage 11: 3. Platz / 3. place
  • 12. Etappe / Stage 12: 6. Platz / 6. place

Damit OVERALL-Sieg in der Kategorie CARS der DAKAR 2020 für Carlos Sainz – Glückwunsch!

Pos. Exp. Drive-Team Mark-Model Time Variation Penality
1 305 BAHRAIN JCW X-RAID TEAM 42h 59′ 17“
2 300 TOYOTA GAZOO RACING 43h 05′ 38“ + 00h 06′ 21“ 00h 03′ 00“
3 302 BAHRAIN JCW X-RAID TEAM 43h 09′ 15“ + 00h 09′ 58“
4 309 OVERDRIVE TOYOTA 43h 48′ 27“ + 00h 49′ 10“ 00h 02′ 00“
5 304 TOYOTA GAZOO RACING 44h 06′ 26“ + 01h 07′ 09“
6 311 X-RAID MINI JCW TEAM 44h 11′ 32“ + 01h 12′ 15“
7 307 TOYOTA GAZOO RACING 44h 17′ 51“ + 01h 18′ 34“
8 315 SRT RACING 44h 58′ 38“ + 01h 59′ 21“ 00h 07′ 00“
9 324 RACE WORLD TEAM 46h 41′ 34“ + 03h 42′ 17“
10 322 GEELY AUTO SHELL LUBRICANT TEAM 46h 50′ 24“ + 03h 51′ 07“


For the third time Carlos Sainz got his Dakar victory in the car category after a real heartbeat finale and shortened 12th stage. The Spaniard, nicknamed ‚El Matador‘, beats his competitiors, even if Nasser al Attiyah gave everything on his Toyota and was able to reduce his gap to just under 170km by almost four minutes. Congratulations to Carlos Sainsz on his JCW X-Raid Buggy, which brings the hessian team a fifth Dakar victory!

Before the start of the Dakar 2020

Carlos Sainz has, for a long time, been more than just a driver, he is motor racing living legend. At the age of 16, he won his first Spanish tittle in squash and from there he surpassed all his objectives and starred on the international scene. With his nearly obsessional professionalism, he made his way to the World Rally Championship and won the title in 1990 and 1992 and sits fourth on the all-time WRC win list. Sainz made his Dakar debut in 2006 and began to take the discipline by the horns, resulting in victory in 2010 in a Volkswagen Touareg in the second South American edition, then in 2018 with the Peugeot 3008 DKR. Both victories were achieved in collaboration with his solid co-driver, Lucas Cruz. While he is a regular in the Formula 1 paddock to follow his son Carlos Jr., the 57-year old ‘Matador’ is as hungry as ever for success and he will try to win a third Dakar, with the X-Raid team against the mighty Toyota squad. Although he didn’t do as much testing with the buggy as he would have liked, the native of Madrid was satisfied with the improvements made to the suspension, brakes and weight distribution that saw him finish second and win stages on the Moroccan Rally. As he prepares for his 13th Dakar, he has some advice for another Spanish motor racing idol, Fernando Alonso, who will make his debut with Toyota in Saudi Arabia: „Respect the race“. The Saudi environs will put these two Spanish icons to the test, to the delight of aficionados.

C.S.: “We are planning for a difficult race, as is always the case with the Dakar. I think going to a more desertic country like Saudi Arabia will help restore the Dakar philosophy. I have the feeling it is going to be a tough Dakar, particularly long, with long stages and more than 4 to 5 hours in the car. The new rules, which we used in Morocco, stipulate that the road book will be handed out 30 minutes prior to the start of the stage. And in Morocco we saw guys who never get lost struggle. What we asked for is that they do it every day. The more they do it, the better it will be. I see myself winning the Dakar 100%, if I didn’t, I wouldn’t do it. When you reach a certain age, getting physically prepared to be at the best level and using all your abilities requires a lot of effort. You have to get up every day and do aerobic exercises and weight lifting. I think I have earned the right to decide whether or not I want to race. I just won two stages in the Morocco Rally. If I am here, it is because I believe I can win a stage, the rally and the Dakar. I will try to win, if I didn’t, I would rather stay at home.” L.C.: “We have not do very much testing this year. We are pleased with the changes, but we would have liked to have worked an additional day. We have tried some small things with the suspension, brakes and the weight distribution, as well some different engine mappings to get the most from it. As for the chassis, we have improved the attack angle to use the wheels in the dunes rather than the nose as well as not lose speed. We don’t exactly know what to expect, but the changes aim to increase speed in the sandy sectors and top speed as well. This year, the Toyotas of Nasser Al Attiyah, Giniel de Villiers, Bernhard Ten Brinke and local driver Yazeed Al Rajhi are the main rivals, without overlooking Stéphane with the 4×2 or Kuba Przygonski in the Mini 4×4 that has won several rallies this year. As always, the goal will be to win the rally but it won’t be easy.”

Quelle / Source: ASO, Dakar