Endlich hat es HONDA geschafft und holt sich seit langer Zeit wieder den Dakar-Sieg in der Motorrad-Kategorie, womit man die seit Jahren vorherrschende Dominanz der Österreicher durchbrochen hat. Ricky Brabec ist damit der erste US-Amerikaner in der Geschichte der Dakar, der einen Gesamtsieg mit nach Hause nimmt. Schon bei der 2019er Ausgabe zeichnete sich seine Titelrolle ab, nachdem er die Rallye in der Gesamtwertung anführte und dann wegen Motorschaden in der 2. Woche ausfiel. Doch jetzt hat alles gepasst und Ricky ist der verdiente Sieger in Saudi-Arabien!

Etappen-Platzierungen / Stage rankings – DAKAR 2020 RICKY BRABEC (US/Honda)

  • 1. Etappe / Stage 1: 2. Platz / 2. place
  • 2. Etappe / Stage 2: 12. Platz / 12. place
  • 3. Etappe / Stage 3: 1. Platz / 1. place
  • 4. Etappe / Stage 4: 5. Platz / 5. place
  • 5. Etappe / Stage 5: 4. Platz / 4. Place
  • 6. Etappe / Stage 6: 1. Platz / 1. place
  • 7. Etappe / Stage 7: 5. Platz / 5. place
  • 8. Etappe / Stage 8: Abgesagt / cancelled
  • 9. Etappe / Stage 9: 4. Platz / 4. place
  • 10. Etappe / Stage 10: 2. Platz / 2. place
  • 11. Etappe / Stage 11: 10. Platz / 10. place
  • 12. Etappe / Stage 12: 2. Platz / 2. place

Damit OVERALL-Sieg in der Kategorie Bike der DAKAR 2020 für Rick Brabec – Glückwunsch!

1 9 MONSTER ENERGY HONDA TEAM 2020 40h 02′ 36“
3 1 RED BULL KTM FACTORY TEAM 40h 26′ 42“ + 00h 24′ 06“ 00h 02′ 00“
4 17 MONSTER ENERGY HONDA TEAM 2020 40h 34′ 19“ + 00h 31′ 43“ 00h 01′ 00“
5 2 RED BULL KTM FACTORY TEAM 40h 37′ 36“ + 00h 35′ 00“
6 16 RED BULL KTM FACTORY TEAM 40h 40′ 10“ + 00h 37′ 34“
7 12 MONSTER ENERGY HONDA TEAM 2020 40h 53′ 33“ + 00h 50′ 57“ 00h 15′ 00“
8 22 MONSTER ENERGY YAMAHA RALLY TEAM 41h 45′ 11“ + 01h 42′ 35“ 00h 05′ 00“
9 59 KLYMCIW RACING 42h 06′ 37“ + 02h 04′ 01“
10 6 ROCKSTAR ENERGY HUSQVARNA FACTORY RACING 42h 13′ 16“ + 02h 10′ 40“ 00h 30′ 00“

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Dies ist der sechste Honda-Sieg bei der Rallye Dakar nach den fünf Siegen in Afrika vor 31 Jahren: Ciryl Neveu (1982, 1986, 1987), Edi Orioli (1988) und Gilles Lalay (1989) . 2013 kehrte Honda nach 23-jähriger Abwesenheit zur Rallye Dakar zurück. In diesem Zeitraum von acht Jahren stand das Team HRC zweimal auf dem Podium: Paulo Gonçalves (2015) und Kevin Benavides (2018) waren beide Zweitplatzierte.

Monster Energy Honda Team has triumphed in the 2020 Dakar Rally! Eight years after the return of the official Team HRC squad to the world’s toughest rally, Honda rider Ricky Brabec has topped the overall podium, having commanded from the start of the rally to the final special held in Saudi Arabia.

With the victory, Ricky Brabec (Hesperia, California, USA) becomes the first ever American rider to clinch the Dakar Rally. The rider concluded this year’s edition with two stage victories, in a rally which he led uninterruptedly from stage three. Consistency proved to be Brabec’s secret weapon, while deft navigational skills and pace aboard the Honda CRF450 RALLY also helped him scoop the most coveted prize in off-road racing.

Monster Energy Honda Team delivered an excellent showing throughout the entire 2020 Dakar Rally campaign. The rally covered some 5000 kilometres of timed special stage and a total distance of 7800 kilometres, where, in addition to the two Brabec stage victories (stages 3 and 6), can be added those of José Ignacio Cornejo (stage 4 and stage 12), Kevin Benavides (stage 7) and Joan Barreda (stage 10), as well as plenty of top partial times, with the Honda squad seizing podium lock-outs on both stages 3 and 10.

This represents the sixth Honda victory at the Dakar Rally after the five clinched in Africa, the most recent occurring 31 years ago: Ciryl Neveu (1982, 1986, 1987), Edi Orioli (1988) y Gilles Lalay (1989) took the previous top honours. In 2013, Honda returned to the Dakar Rally after a 23-year absence. During that eight-year spell, Team HRC has been on the final podium on two occasions: Paulo Gonçalves (2015) and Kevin Benavides (2018) both in runner-up positions.

Before the start of the Dakar 2020

From his youth in California to the Dakar tracks after years of competing in BMX, Ricky Brabec has been on the fast track to success. He already had a highly successful career when he made his Dakar debut in 2016. This son of bike racing parents has won practically everything: the Baja 1000, Baja 500, Vegas to Reno and of course the desert racing title. Spotted by the Honda HRC team, he began his international career with the Dakar in his sights. The learning process has been long but promising. Ninth in his first participation in South America, he took his riding to the net level in winning his first stage in 2017 at Uyuni. But on a Dakar, one also has to learn from their struggles, Brabec must also remember the last three unfinished editions. His last run in South America was “one of the worst moments” of his life. He was in the lead after stage 7 (from 10), he retired the following day with a blown engine. It took him a long time to get over this setback, but also to recover from an injury suffered during the Sonora Rally. It is hard to say what his status will be at the start of his fifth Dakar, especially alongside his team mates Kevin Benavides and Joan Barreda, who will also be contenders for the win. But he is now well aware, in spite of being so unlucky that victory could be within his reach. A victory that has eluded Honda for 31 years.

“After riding with the top guys for the 8 days I was in the race and leading 3 of those days with victory in sight it was a massive disappointment when I had to drop out. I had never felt worse in my life. This was a big accomplishment and to have it all go away so close to the end was heart wrenching. Being in the position I was during the 2019 Dakar let me know that I can win, and that I will win soon. I am beginning to figure this rally out and I am fighting hard to be the best in the team. I am very confident and I am expecting the same from the team this year. It has been a difficult season for me following the Dakar disappointment. I stayed home a lot and got hurt on the Sonora Rally. That is now behind me and I joined the team in the second half of the season to train and prepare for the 2020 Dakar. I am excited to go to Saudi Arabia, No one has any prior experience there and that levels the playing field among the riders and teams. I look forward to the fight and hope for a better result than I have had the last three years. The goal for Dakar is to win…. I expect nothing less.”

Quelle / Source: HRC Honda