MX-/SX-Ikone CHAD REED jetzt auf vier Rädern? Mit Lamborghini zum Weltmeistertitel…IMSA/World Titel FINALS!


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Worked our asses off Put in the time and effort with one goal. To be @lamborghinisc champions in Jerez ✅ Lesson to take away from this summer. Always be open to change! I had big plans for moto this summer Getting back on a bike and preparing to do some nationals to be 100% ready and at my best for MEC and my off season races Than carry that momentum into 2020 SX If I’d had been rigid, WOW what a disappointing end result it would have been. I have always believed 100% in things happen for a reason I enjoyed the best summer of my life to date. I now have a fresh burning desire to learn 4 wheeled racing I’m currently working and talking about 2020 The options are surprisingly different than the pre summer plans I had planned out. I’m happier than I have been in years and excited for what the future brings whether it’s 2 or 4 wheels I’m just stoked to be RACING Racing is life @mtn_motorsports @boostaus @cbdmd.usa @foxmoto @armasport @knobbyunderwear @tracekerns

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